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SPEAK UP: Can you fight what needs fighting and seek joy?

A Havana mystery, engineers of loneliness, kids and phones, Insta towns, and "great American bitches" -- Weekend reads for April 6

How to summon hope when everything is terrible

Rebecca Solnit wants a joyous, inviting left — not an angry, Puritanical one

ON MESSAGE: How to defang reply guys

What was (A)I made for?

The crisis of happiness, robotic companionship, and thirsty A.I.: Weekend reads for March 23, 2024

Fascism will not be defeated by logic

ON MESSAGE: How to take off your "It can't happen here" blinders

The lost art of solidarity — and how to find it again

Donald Trump's big truth

Should the U.S. stop sending Israel bombs? “It is the next question,” a Democratic senator says

TikTok toe, how to raise your A.I. newborn, and the great carbon-credit scam: Weekend reads for March 16, 2024

Trust busting as freedom

SPEAK UP: Are you kind of a conspiracy theorist?

We're all conspiracy theorists now

FREE FOR ALL: "Suffs" reminds us who is "not without electoral and political power"

Caught between "love with no help" and "help with no love"

GET BUSY: Pick up the phone for freedom in Alabama

The great pistachio heist, the state of the Oscars, and Biden buzz: Weekend reads for March 9, 2024

ON MESSAGE: How to disagree when the politics get personal

NOTEBOOK: Eleven takeaways from the State of the Union

On Till November

SPEAK UP: What do you want to hear from Joe Biden at the State of the Union?

North Carolina's ultra-MAGA gubernatorial candidate, in his own words

FREE FOR ALL: Joe Biden's reconquest of "freedom"

They are here because we were there

GET BUSY: Reach out and write someone

Kangaroo courts, climate fictions, and Larry and Richard: Weekend reads for March 2, 2024

After Michigan

America is a country made of the world

The Supreme Court's attempted suicide

The end of Mitch McConnell

"Finding something like courage": an inside look at the German uprising against the far right

GET BUSY: Learn the fundamentals of organizing from George Goehl

What do they see in him? Why are we divided? Will these wars ever end?

Alabama's IVF decision, biblical law, constitutional crisis: Weekend reads for February 24, 2024

ON MESSAGE: How to talk to people losing faith in democracy and getting tired of fighting

Donald Trump, Victim King

SPEAK UP: What are your hopes and fears about A.I.?

RIFFS: Alabama makes it easier by specifying what is still legal there

Meet the college student trying to protect you from an "A.I. Chernobyl"

GET BUSY: The theocrats are coming for IVF next. They just won in Alabama. Here’s how to stop them

The Biden files

Weekend Reads for February 17

ON MESSAGE: Gender norms suck

SPEAK UP: Read, watch, eat, listen

FREE FOR ALL: So what is your caste?

America’s forever wars, at home and abroad

GET BUSY: Build your own infrastructure week

Weekend Reads for February 10

RIFFS: You say you care about memory

ON MESSAGE: How to "de-silo" the abortion fight

SPEAK UP: When the world changes you

Future shock

To save democracy, journalists must change

GET BUSY: Become a poll worker

Weekend reads for February 3

SPEAK UP: Are men OK?

ON MESSAGE: How to escape the far right’s border trap

How Germans are rising up against fascism

GET BUSY: Sign up for a Deep Canvassing training

Weekend Reads for January 27

SPEAK UP: What are your Republican friends and family talking about?

TODAY: A live video chat with me, hosted by Indivisible

ON MESSAGE: The left needs hats

The great union comeback, explained

The New Hampshire charade

Weekend Reads for January 20

ON MESSAGE: Getting Dark Brandon on the campaign trail

SPEAK UP: How have you gotten involved?

The real battleground of 2024 is emotion


Weekend Reads for January 13

ON MESSAGE: The Taylor Swift plan for saving democracy

The bank shot to save democracy