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Telling the truth about the Murdochs

Your outrage won't defeat Trump. A bigger, better movement can

Story, home, patriotism: how the pro-democracy movement wins in 2024

A love letter to the aunt who did her hair

THE PERSUADERS in paperback -- and an offer to join your book club!

Weekend reads: What you can do to get the world you want

Weekend reads

The case for political frenemies

Does democracy have the flu -- or cancer?

The secret immigrants keep, even from themselves

From the Trump indictment to an "anti-authoritarian age"

The Ink is hiring!

A commencement address

Weekend reads — and a masterclass in messaging against hate

Trump, Biden, and the question of who owns "freedom"

[UNLOCKED] Roni Mazumdar's American dream

Roni Mazumdar's American dream

Weekend reads — and the last song on earth

OPEN THREAD: Who has changed your mind?

When bank runs go viral

Weekend reads -- and a reason

Tucker Carlson and the arsonist-to-firefighter pipeline

OPEN THREAD: The "freedom" pitch

RIFFS: Tucker Carlson is (not) sorry

Biden's "freedom" pitch and the coming political realignment

Weekend reads -- and a musical cup!

OPEN THREAD: Making America trust again

Guns and us

Kaylin, Ralph, and the death of anonymous trust

OPEN THREAD: What is working around you?

To beat the NRA, learn from it

Weekend reads

Join me on Notes

OPEN THREAD: Of despair and hope

A new playbook for ending gun violence

Winning the Bud Light moderate

As Louisville grieves, why is the Kentucky State Police auctioning guns?

Weekend reads

OPEN THREAD: Trump's arrest

OPEN THREAD: Defending the freedom to stay alive

Chris Murphy and Maxwell Frost on America's gun nightmare

In the face of anti-trans hate, this Nebraska lawmaker wants to be a "bully for good"

Weekend reads

Read watch eat listen

Maxwell Frost, the first Gen Z in Congress, calls fellow Floridian Ron DeSantis "the greatest threat to democracy in the United States"

Weekend reads -- and an A.I. poem

The woke and the still-waking

A conversation with Maggie Nelson

Weekend reads

Bernie Sanders' former campaign chief wants the left to be patriotic, thick-skinned, and ravenous for converts

Is it still possible to change minds in politics?

Roger Cohen’s “stubborn hope” for democracy

Read, listen, and persuade

A few reads, a few thousands leaves

Transcript: Chloe Maxmin on how the left can reclaim rural America

Transcript: Chloe Maxmin on how the left can reclaim rural America

Reading for the moment

Democrats quit rural America. She has a plan for reclaiming it

A ban isn't a plan

How slavery reinvented itself as environmental ruin

Thoughts on Congress, Davos, and pizza

Glimpses of India

Six essays and a few thousand menus