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What a beautiful day to stay inside

Weekend reading and the freelance Santa game

Noam Chomsky on how the left can beat fascism, give hope, and win the age

Reading du jour

A signed book for you! And you! And you!

Noam Chomsky on Biden, progressives, and how we achieve real change

The founder of Craigslist on giving away his money, whether billionaires should exist, and why so many of our plutocrats lose their minds

Merrick Garland’s procrastination diary

Sunday reading and a special holiday offer 🚨

How the world’s names became American names, too

Tommy Prine, son of late folk legend John Prine, on grieving his dad and following in his footsteps

Parody, protest, and post-Elon Twitter reads

Reasons (and readings) for hope

How Maxwell Frost went from organizing students to Congress

How do you beat fascism?

Dolly wants YOU to vote

A minute of hope

Philly! DC! Austin! Toronto! And an ad that works.

Avoid becoming Kanye. Read.

Brené and I talk some more

A political vibe shift

Finding time, changing time, and reading through time

A conversation with Brené Brown


A New Playbook for Saving Democracy

I hope these make you think

Has the jury reached a verdict?

An invitation: Tea with my wife (and me) this Sunday

Let's meet up?

Reading that goes against the status quo

How do you change a mind?

Persuasion isn’t dead

To go with your morning coffee

A birthday offer and some basement horror

Weekend reading, meet fall

🚨 How you can become a "persuader"

Reading du jour

You Should Join a Union. Yes, You

August's grand finale

Our national policy is child neglect

In defense of critical race theory

Some weekend reading and some Josh Hawley running

Reading and other luminous matter

Defund Fox News

Reading, Roe, and...redemption?

Can America overcome?

Weekend reading, and a call to action

Portrait of a "good" country

You'll want to read this

We were warned

Reads (and listens) for the weekend

How artists fight power

On Uvalde and the fight for democracy

The urgent art of Dewey Crumpler

Like capitalism itself, business journalism is broken. Can it be fixed?

Reads for the weekend

This is who we are. It isn't who we have to be

The weekend reads, plus one listen

The complicity of the CEOs

Some weekend reading

Finding hope in a time of regression

Can we be honest about our history and still be inspired by it?

Elon Musk is a problem masquerading as a solution

Tea for the weekend

Read watch eat listen, the spring remix

As goes Amazon, so goes the nation?

Answering an age of anxiety

Is this how Russia ends?

Who has persuaded you?

🚨A big announcement🚨

Three minutes per patient

How to do what's right without starting World War III

To defend democracy, be one

EXCLUSIVE: Ukraine's email pleas to Silicon Valley

The non-toxic origins — and future? — of social media

Inflation's real culprits -- and consequences

Read watch eat listen

Can you focus long enough to read this?

How Biden gets his groove back