This conversation resonates with me deeply. Thank you for sharing this exchange.

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As a Canadian born/raised in Toronto, I’m beginning to suspect that I’m simply just incapable of identifying any merit/logic/rationality in the argument opposing government-run healthcare by anyone who’s financial situation requires them to make decisions. Beyond a certain threshold of accumulated wealth, everything is basically free to you now; you may need to pick between luxuries, but you will never sincerely worry about money. You already have free healthcare. And free education. And free housing. And free policies.

The only difference between having 16 houses and 15 houses is a lil gap in your fucking soul.

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Instead of thinking about all this as “problem”, why not think about it as opportunity?

I see it as opportunity.

It’s wonderful to finally have a place to be able to share my thoughts with others (I don’t do social media).

I see huge opportunity to reach our lawmakers and help work on changing things. Who’d thunk civics was sexy?

I think the story is fascinating. I’m psyched our son is seeing all this. We’re learning so much.

Listening to CNN, sounds like Latinos really pushed back against the threat of socialism.

I keep going back to this: Democrats have a messaging problem. And I think their policies just don't land in the radar of rural America.

Rural America lives in the cities too. Because a lot of people in cities have rural in them. I bet Anand grows something in Brooklyn. Most fans of country music are in the cities. Millions of people wear Patagonia, a brand that was once about climbing. But most Patagonia customers ever won't climb anything more challenging than the stairs.

If Trump does lose, he's not going away. He craves attention. He'll setup a feed in Mara-a- Lago or wherever. His pitch will be "they stole it from us". Millions will listen to him each day as if he's still in charge.

Clearly, Republicans don't win with policy. They win, by keeping people from voting. How can Democrats counter? By syncing up with rural America, and broken down cities and towns everywhere in America.

The polls (oh no, not that word!) all say how popular Universal Healthcare is, some other stuff Democrats pitch. But the voters are saying otherwise. Clearly, the conversations on Twitter aren't anywhere near representative of where Americans are.

Democrats better wake up. They've got to listen to what Americans are telling them. So that’s an opportunity for them.

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After reading this commentary and interview if I was from another planet I would have no idea you both are describing the United States of America. You give the impression of a nation and its people that were once united and everyone happy with each other and we all had common vision of who we are and right and wrong all was good for all but now we have lost our way and need to get back to that idyllic land a glorious place in which we, and before us our parents, grandparents and ancestors once lived.

Really. REALLY ???? From a REAL historic perspective stretching back almost 250 years now most Americans are better off living now in our very imperfect present than anytime in the past because it was simply worse for most Americans in every past era of America's history while being far better than many other places on Earth. For the rich and the powerful and the privileged it is always a good time to live.

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One of the sad reasons why you can "become American" in a way other countries disallow is that it's long been about assimilating people to a contrived "whiteness" at the end of a very long line for some, and for many it is inaccessible. That is the old idea we now call "white nationalism," and it is embedded in all our institutions. The alternative in multiculturalism as we've had it in the West is not ideal. Nobody has really cracked this hard problem, but it is not one for the mind as much as the heart.

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The problem is systemic racism. A lot of people in rural areas have been brainwashed that the (name your race) is coming after them. I grew up there and occasionally return to visit family. When I tell people I am from Northern CA, I normally get an eye roll in return. They are hardened against gay marriage, even modest gun control. They are not well educated but because of internet access they suddenly think that makes them smart. Again as I said at the top of this comment I am talking about most people not all.

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