Who is Kamala Harris?

Reacquaint yourself with Joe Biden's newly selected running mate

  1. The New Yorker: “The Presidential candidate has been criticized as a defender of the status quo. Can she prove that she’s a force for change?”

  2. The New York Times: “The 2020 Democratic field has been defined by its turbulence, with some contenders rising, others dropping out and two more jumping in just this month. Yet there is only one candidate who rocketed to the top tier and then plummeted in early state polls to the low single digits: Ms. Harris.”

  3. The Atlantic: “Kamala Harris—the Democratic presidential hopeful and 54-year-old junior senator from California—is a prosecutor by training. She knows well that any misstep, anything you say or do, can and will be held against you. Her fundamental, almost constitutional, understanding of this has made her cautious, at times enragingly so.”

  4. Politico: “As a presidential contender, running against opponents who openly disdain elites and big money, she has emphasized not only her reputation as a take-no-prisoners prosecutor but also the humbleness of her roots…Her rise, however, was propelled in and by a very different milieu. In this less explored piece of her past, Harris used as a launching pad the tightly knit world of San Francisco high society, navigating early on this rarefied world of influence and opulence, charming and partying with movers and shakers—ably cultivating relationships with VIPs who would become friends and also backers and donors of every one of her political campaigns, tapping into deep pockets and becoming a popular figure in a small world dominated by a handful of powerful families.”

  5. The Wall Street Journal: “Candidate cites civil-rights activism of her Indian-born mother and grandfather as she tries to gain traction.”

  6. The Los Angeles Times: “The progressive Indian grandfather who inspired Kamala Harris.”

Photo: Jay L. Clendenin/Getty