Where were you???

Calling out corporate boards

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Dear Inklings,

This week I had the chance to speak to a few thousand board members of America’s largest companies. It went very well or very badly depending on whether you’re a corporate board member. The audio of the talk has been obtained by Business Insider, and the transcript was just published, and I thought you might be interested.

An excerpt:

This is — I have described it elsewhere without mincing words — a hijacking of the public good by big corporations. And I do not think the corporate equivalent of New Year's resolutions is going to fix it. This being a group of corporate directors, I ask again, Where were you? Where were you in the run-up to the climate crisis? Where were you during widening inequality over the last four decades? Where were you in the run-up to the subprime crisis? Where were you in the run-up to the opioid crisis? Where were you?…

A lot of your children and grandchildren do not respect your work. Some of them say this to you, some of them don't. But we know this from public attitudes. You know this from survey data. There is a sense among younger people coming of age in the most diverse, open-minded generation in American history that what their parents and grandparents did in corporate boardrooms near broke America.

And if for no other reason than to have a less awkward Thanksgiving this year with your relatives, try to get on the right side of history.

Read the whole thing here:

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