From Anand Giridharadas

Hi, everyone. I’m Anand Giridharadas. I’m a writer. And I’m excited to be launching — in a matter of days — The.Ink, a new publication investigating politics and culture, money and power, and telling un-gussied truth.

I have spent much of my career working for big platforms. I spent 11 years reporting for The New York Times. I now write for TIME magazine and talk on MSNBC. But in this moment of unparalleled despair and, I believe, genuine political possibility, I have felt drawn to creating a space of my own, free of gatekeepers and rooted in community. The.Ink will run my essays on the passing scene, interviews with fascinating people, recommendations of books and culture, lighter fare like recipes (and haircare tips?).

I would love for you to join me from the start.

In the meantime, tell your friends!

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